Focus on people

Sustainable construction means considering the whole life cycle of a building. Green Building stands for the energy efficiency of a building - resource conservation is the ultimate goal. Seals of quality, such as LEED or DGNB, allow the quality of the building to be demonstrated with respect to these two criteria. Fural is very open-minded as regards this theme for the future and offers products that provide optimum support for building certification.


Fural has been a member of the DGNB - the German Society for Sustainable Building - since 2010.

The DGNB promotes the resource-conserving, environment-friendly and cost-effective construction and operation of buildings. This takes place with particular attention to the health and comfort of the building users and the socio-cultural requirements of the surroundings. The sustainable construction of the building is determined on the basis of measurable criteria, which are evaluated in various categories.

The criteria points for the certification in gold, silver or bronze are:

  • Ecological quality
  • Optimum technical quality
  • Economic quality
  • Process quality
  • Socio-cultural and functional quality
  • Location quality