Our vision:   "Those seeking a metal ceiling choose Fural and are thoroughly impressed"

Our values:  Trust+Flexibility+Quality+Partnership+Sustainability = Perfection

Architects and us


  • Practice: Visions and ideas become reality.
  • Design: Function and beauty complement one another.
  • Innovation: New ideas created together.
  • Benchmark: Values and standards as a minimum.
  • Specialist: The perfect solution from the expert.

Installers and us


  • Installation: Quick and simple.
  • Service: A team for all your questions.
  • Reliability: Our word is our bond.
  • Competence: Experience since 1949.
  • Success: Our customers are the best.

General contractors and us


  • Costs: Knowing the market is the key to success.
  • Deadline: We make the impossible possible.
  • Partners: The perfect ceiling is important to us.
  • System: The better solution.
  • Trust: We keep our promises.

Developers and us


  • Satisfaction: Perfect form, colour and function.
  • Sustainability: Focus on people.
  • Workmanship: Quick, finished surface, durable.
  • Safety: Experience is the key to safety.
  • Quality: Made in Austria - the better choice.

We as colleagues


  • Future: The company is growing healthily.
  • Career: Jobs with perspective.
  • Image: The best want to work for us.
  • Team: Success through communication.
  • Enjoyment: Appreciation of man and service.