BAU 2019

BAU 2019

1 + 1 > 2: FURAL and DIPLING join forces!

At the beginning of 2016, we combined our strengths with German metal ceilings specialist DIPLING to work together jointly in future. Made in Germany + Made in Austria will combine the best of both traditions for a strong future together.

This merging of more than 125 years' metal ceiling experience provides you as a customer with access to more systems and surface variants from a single source. You will also benefit from the following synergies:

  • Greater service quality & customer proximity
  • Proven procedures and contact partners remain unchanged
  • Variety of surfaces
  • System diversity and even more solution finding
  • Fire-protection ceilings F30/F90 from the market leader

New folder "Sound absorption test values"

Even more tested perforations and information can be found in our new 40-page "Sound absorption test values" folder.

In addition to test values for the ceiling, the folder also contains test reports on the absorption capacities of floating ceilings, cooling ceilings and acoustic walls. The subject of longitudinal soundproofing is also dealt with in detail.

New perforation - 320 straight

FURAL is expanding its palette of tested perforations. The popular Perforation 320 is now available as straight, 90° perforation. As such, 24 different perforation patterns are now available.

Technical data:

  • Alignment: 90°
  • Hole diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Free cross-section: 20%
  • Max. bandwidth: 1500mm
  • Perforation width: 1430mm
320 g

FP-Secure - LED lighting

FP-Secure is the first fire protection ceiling with integrated LED lighting. Fire protection, acoustics and sustainability are perfectly combined in this solution.

This product is the result of a collaboration with Phillips during the course of the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics. The facts of the solution speak for themselves:

  • Optimum fire protection
  • 50% energy saving
  • 50% CO2 saving
  • 47% cost reduction
  • 50,000 h service life instead of only 15,000 h previously
  • Optimum lighting

FURAL partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics

FURAL, the leading manufacturer of metal, fire protection and acoustic ceilings, is to become a partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics.

The combination of FURAL fire protection ceilings and new, energy-saving LED lighting from Philips lends itself particularly to hospitals. Apart from the energy saving factor, the aspects of fire protection, hygiene and room acoustics are covered with a single system. The high-quality surface coating ensures a perfect visual appearance.

FURAL member of the DGNB

FURAL has been a member of the DGNB - the German Society for Sustainable Building - since 1 January 2011. Sustainable building or Green Building are issues of the future for FURAL. This is why we supply products that provide optimum support for building certification.

The focus of DGNB activities is the awarding of certificates for green buildings. Green buildings are therefore economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. They fit perfectly into their socio-cultural environment and are comfortable and healthy for their users. These factors promise a high value for investors, owners and users alike in the long term.