LED retrofit insert for luminaires

Fural's innovation received a special award from a top-class jury at the BAU trade fair in Munich. The LED retrofit insert for luminaires impresses with its simplicity and conservation of resources. It is not necessary to replace the entire cassette with luminaire, but the LED retrofit insert is used instead of the existing luminaire. This is quick, easy and sustainable.

Fural at BAU 2023 - Countless examples of metal ceilings and walls

10 worthwhile cubes from Health to Education to Office

- 18 metre long baffle wave in Fural Metalit Dipling colours
- Unique projects, special solutions for unusual effects implemented "live
- Expanded metal - strong colours, printed as signposts, systems with great design variety
- Ceiling sails in large format - ideal intersection of function, design and use of resources
- Concrete look on metal cassettes - colour print as desired
- Baffles - one-piece, two-piece, monochrome, coloured or suspended at an angle - design without limits
- Heating and cooling ceiling + sound absorption - multifunction as a contribution to the energy turnaround
- Fire protection - easy to install and functional - ready-made system components for fast construction progress
- The best examples of baffles and expanded metal from Switzerland illustrated 1:1
- Health - the highest quality for patient rooms of the future, eco-solution for best hygiene
- Surfaces - comparison of Parzifal® wet paint with powder coating
- JVA - metal ceilings for important security purposes - special solutions for insiders

Metal ceilings: raw material for reuse across generations

Metal ceilings meet all the requirements for modern, sustainable building materials. They are durable and even after more than fifty years of use do not count as "scrap iron"; instead, they are raw material for reuse across generations.

New assembly & sample box explanation videos

To make assembly as easy as possible for our ceilings, there are now short clips for some systems (baffle, HT28 hang-in system, F30/EI 30).

Also for the Fural Metalit Dipling sample boxes there are now short explanatory videos to get a quick understanding of the assembly.

Acoustics and hygiene is inseparable for us and therefore a short video has now also been created with all the areas of application.

VÖTB Apprentice Days at Fural

July is the time: The VÖTB Apprentice Days take place!
Not only is there an interesting training part such as an F0 assembly training, working with metal or a company tour on the program, but also a lot of action ...

Because HYGIENE is not a coincidence ...

... and is written BIG at Fural, we now focus on a modern, technical building hygiene concept.

In the hygiene brochure you will not only find all the relevant aspects on the subject of building and hygiene, but also really good reasons why Fural's metal ceilings offer the optimum conditions for ensuring freedom from dust, fibers and mold.

Baffle - Product of the Year 2021

We are no strangers to innovation, which is why we have further expanded our expertise in the Baffle ceiling system. Baffles have also been selected as the product of the year 2021. We have summarized some exciting information and insights for you as a PDF.

Manual "Tested acoustics"

The numbers are impressive - 31 tested hole patterns with a total of 98 different tested superstructures are combined in the new Tested Acoustics manual.

A wide variety of situations are presented, as they occur in daily construction practice. Ceiling structures with different suspension heights, supports and support thicknesses are tested as well as the influence of cooling meanders on the sound absorption of metal ceilings, expanded metal ceilings and floating ceilings. Building acoustics were not forgotten either, and several ceiling solutions were tested for their effectiveness in terms of longitudinal sound absorption. Also shown are various solutions with wall absorbers. 

Magazin >>UP 01<< Education

UP! Where we are is up.

Welcome to the world of Fural, Metalit, Dipling. With our new customer magazine, we not only want to keep you up to date with the latest developments, but also share our enthusiasm for materials, architecture and quality.

Issue 01 is dedicated to the main topic >>Education<<. We show the decisive role our ceiling solutions play in modern school construction.

We are family - fural.metalit.dipling

Since the beginning of 2019, Fural Systeme in Metall GmbH, Metalit AG in Büron (CH) and Dipling Werk GmbH in Frankfurt/Hungen have been the strong, international group of companies in the metal ceiling sector. At the same time, we continue to serve the individual markets regionally. Made in Austria, Made in Switzerland, Made in Germany: We are proud of this. With us, the highest product and service quality is united under one roof.

We see ourselves as a quality and competence leader in a wide variety of metal ceiling systems: Acoustically effective metal ceilings, fire protection ceilings with up to 90 minutes fire resistance (EI 90) and architecturally sophisticated ceilings made of expanded metal are just a part of our large product portfolio.

The future belongs to Allianz

The success story of the Swiss metal ceiling manufacturer Metalit has always been based on an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, early recognition of challenges and a high degree of adaptability. 

Metalit becomes part of the Fural family. - With Fural, Metalit now has a partner at its side that has been successful for years and is known in Switzerland in particular for fire protection ceilings. Both companies will be able to continue to play to their strengths and uniqueness, benefit from the many advantages of a large alliance and thus strengthen the company foundation. The distribution of Fural products for Switzerland will now be handled by Metalit.

BAU 2019

BAU 2019

1 + 1 > 2: FURAL and DIPLING join forces!

At the beginning of 2016, we combined our strengths with German metal ceilings specialist DIPLING to work together jointly in future. Made in Germany + Made in Austria will combine the best of both traditions for a strong future together.

This merging of more than 125 years' metal ceiling experience provides you as a customer with access to more systems and surface variants from a single source. You will also benefit from the following synergies:

  • Greater service quality & customer proximity
  • Proven procedures and contact partners remain unchanged
  • Variety of surfaces
  • System diversity and even more solution finding
  • Fire-protection ceilings F30/F90 from the market leader

New folder "Sound absorption test values"

Even more tested perforations and information can be found in our new 40-page "Sound absorption test values" folder.

In addition to test values for the ceiling, the folder also contains test reports on the absorption capacities of floating ceilings, cooling ceilings and acoustic walls. The subject of longitudinal soundproofing is also dealt with in detail.

New perforation - 320 straight

FURAL is expanding its palette of tested perforations. The popular Perforation 320 is now available as straight, 90° perforation. As such, 24 different perforation patterns are now available.

Technical data:

  • Alignment: 90°
  • Hole diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Free cross-section: 20%
  • Max. bandwidth: 1500mm
  • Perforation width: 1430mm
320 g

FP-Secure - LED lighting

FP-Secure is the first fire protection ceiling with integrated LED lighting. Fire protection, acoustics and sustainability are perfectly combined in this solution.

This product is the result of a collaboration with Phillips during the course of the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics. The facts of the solution speak for themselves:

  • Optimum fire protection
  • 50% energy saving
  • 50% CO2 saving
  • 47% cost reduction
  • 50,000 h service life instead of only 15,000 h previously
  • Optimum lighting

FURAL partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics

FURAL, the leading manufacturer of metal, fire protection and acoustic ceilings, is to become a partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics.

The combination of FURAL fire protection ceilings and new, energy-saving LED lighting from Philips lends itself particularly to hospitals. Apart from the energy saving factor, the aspects of fire protection, hygiene and room acoustics are covered with a single system. The high-quality surface coating ensures a perfect visual appearance.

FURAL member of the DGNB

FURAL has been a member of the DGNB - the German Society for Sustainable Building - since 1 January 2011. Sustainable building or Green Building are issues of the future for FURAL. This is why we supply products that provide optimum support for building certification.

The focus of DGNB activities is the awarding of certificates for green buildings. Green buildings are therefore economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. They fit perfectly into their socio-cultural environment and are comfortable and healthy for their users. These factors promise a high value for investors, owners and users alike in the long term.