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IST Austria: i23 LAB5 + GradSchool, Klosterneuburg

Franz und Sue ZT GmbH + Maurer & Partner ZT GmbH, 2021

IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) is successively expanding its campus in Klosterneuburg. Most recently the following area was completed: i23 LAB5 with research laboratories and library as well as the GradSchool. Both fit ideally into the site and to the existing buildings. An expanded metal ceiling from Fural ensures perfect room acoustics and a visual wow effect. This was installed diagonally across the entire floor, creating a visual unity across the different rooms. The measurement and installation of the substructure was mastered through intensive planning and the result is impressive.

The used substructure is much easier and more assembly-friendly to install than other variants. The longitudinal joint makes it ideal for integrating lighting and ventilation outlets. In addition, the individual ceiling panels can be reversed without tools, which creates flexibility. The mesh size of the expanded metal ceiling was chosen so that the ceiling has a large free cross-section. This eliminates the need for a second fire alarm level, and the fire alarms are located only in the ceiling cavity. To increase sound absorption, a black acoustic mat was inserted in every fourth ceiling tile. 

Project data  
Mesh: 22x12x2,0x1,5 mm

RAL 9003

System: expanded metal KLH-DZ
Surface metal ceiling: ca. 2.300 m²
Function: acoustics, design, serviceability


Photo: Michael Hetzmannseder