Light fittings for acoustic ceilings and fire protection ceilings

Especially in the field of lights costs and time can be saved and functionality can be increased with the right choice. With acoustic ceilings, it makes sense to have the lights and other built-in components assembled at the factory. Tiles with installed lights are delivered as ready-to-install parts to the construction site, thus the construction process will be optimized, the interfaces minimized.

Particularly in the field of fire protection continuously tested system components and intelligent interfaces are required. FURAL fire protection ceilings with integrated lights convince through low installation height, proven fire protection and perfect room acoustics.

Corresponding light calculations and planning guides are available on request.

FURAL LED-lighting series 481

The LED-lighting series 481 is a flush-mounted inlay light for the installation in FURAL ceiling tiles. The lighting series impress with their slim, clear appearance combined with high efficiency and variability.

They are available in four different lengths and in three different performance levels. Both the led plates and the control gear can be easily and fast changed in case of maintenance.


  • 50 % energy and CO²-savings
  • > 50 000h service life
  • Optimum lighting
  • Four lengths, three different performance levels
  • Installed at work in ceiling tile
  • LED-Boards and control gear are changeable


FP Secure - LED lighting

FP-Secure is the first fire protection ceiling with integrated LED lighting from Phillips. This solution provides the optimum combination of fire protection, acoustics and sustainability.


  • 50% energy savings
  • 50% CO2 savings
  • 47% cost reduction
  • 50,000 h service life instead of only 15,000 h previously
  • Optimum lighting
  • Opal cover
  • Installed LED panel incl. EVG
  • Dimmable
  • Installed at works in F30/F90 ceiling tile

FP Secure Gypsum - LED lighting

Recessed downlight

  • FURAL system light
  • Included LED-driver
  • Dimmable on request
  • Available in 2 different power levels
  • Various light colours
  • Factory-fitted in fire protection and acoustic ceilings

Emergency lighting

Pictograms for escape routes

  • FURAL system light
  • Factory-fitted in F30/F90 ceiling tile
  • Fitted with 2 Watt LED or
  • T16, 6/8 Watt
  • Fitting G5
  • Pictogram inside the lens
Escape sign luminaire