Fural- perfect metal ceilings

Our products combine outstanding acoustic properties and a high-quality appearance with functionality and durability. This combination creates a pleasant room atmosphere that impresses developers and users alike. Architects and installers hold us in high regard for our easily installed, perfected metal ceiling systems and our service-oriented project handling.

All metal ceilings produced by Fural are acoustic ceilings with additional functions, such as fire protection, cooling, heating, hygiene,  or ball protection.

ParzifalĀ® - matt surface for metal ceilings

Parzifal® is a particularly matt surface coating for metal ceilings.The homogenous surface is extremely insensitive to incident grazing light and follows the trend for matt look. 

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Expanded metal design ceilings

Expanded metal is characterised by its distinctive and unique appearance. It is suitable for use as a functional ceiling with a large free cross-section for ventilation and smoke extraction...

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New assembly & sample box explanation videos

New videos of Fural Metalit Dipling convince and help with a quick explanation of our metal ceiling systems as well as installation of our metal ceilings.


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