Cooling and heating

Metal ceilings are ideally suited for heating and cooling rooms. Temperature control is based on the radiation principle. Heat or cold radiates extremely gently through the metal ceiling into the room. Furthermore, cooling ceilings function completely free of air circulation, hence preventing dust from being swirled up and avoiding draughts.

Due to the low inlet temperature of 25-35°C, cooling ceilings are ideally suited to combination with low-temperature heat generation - this saves even more energy costs.

The suspended metal ceiling is an optimum conductive medium. The temperature is quickly transferred to the room below, while the acoustic properties of the perforated ceiling tiles are maintained. The quick and reliable serviceability of the tiles is a further major benefit that pays off both during the construction phase and during the later service phase.

Cooling and heating ceilings with copper-aluminium or plastic systems can be designed for use with long-span or square tiles and as floating ceilings.