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Palazzo Regione Lombardy

Pei Coob Freed Partners/New York, 2010

The tallest skyscraper in Italy at 161.3 m has 39 floors and is the home of the state government and administration of the Lombardy region. The design of the building, which has since been LEED-certified, originated from Pei Coob Freed Partners (New York), the detailed and implementation planning from Caputo Partnership and Sistema Duemila in Milan. During the 18-month construction period, some 55,000 square metres of strip grid metal ceiling installed. The special trapezoidal strip grids facilitated adaptation of the ceiling to the complicated elliptical ground plan of the building.

Project data  
Colour: RAL 9010
Metal ceiling area: 60,000m²
System: Strip grid
Function: Acoustics, longitudinal soundproofing, flexibility of use, serviceability