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Kirchdorf District Council

Rebuilding of the district council building in Kirchdorf an der Krems commenced in 2014 as a flagship project for sustainable construction. The project design from Urmann Radler Architects based in Linz won 1st prize in an EU-wide architecture competition with a total of 55 submitted entries.

As a visual styling element and to optimise room acoustics, over 1000 m² of expanded metal ceilings were installed in the corridors. All the joints between the tiles were sized at 20 mm, as was the connection to the walls. The FURAL KLH-DZ expanded metal ceiling system was ideal for this purpose. The ceiling is visually striking thanks to the choice of 18x10x2x1 mm expanded metal mesh, powder-coated in RAL Classic 31.

The selected edge formation was a type B with bandit up expanded metal and welded-in suspension and stiffening profiles. Optimum room acoustics are ensured by the bonded acoustic fleece with a coating of mineral wool welded into PE film.

Project data  
Mesh: 18x10x2x1 mm
Colour: RAL Classic 31
STM KLH-DZ Hang-in System 
Expanded metal area: 1.000 m²
Function: Design, Acoustics, serviceability






Photos: Gerd Kressl, Kurt Kuball