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Hypo Tirol Bank

Schlögl & Süß Architects/Innsbruck, 2008

The new head office of the Hypo Tirol Bank was opened in 2008 following a two-year construction period. The ground floor and first floor accommodate the counter areas and consultation rooms. The modern and relaxed atmosphere provides an ideal environment for meetings with customers.

This was also achieved with metal ceilings in RAL 7016. In order to create a particularly high-quality surface appearance, the tiles were finished with a 90% gloss powder coating. The clip-in tiles with 2516 perforation ensure a discrete environment in the consultation area.

Project data  
Perforation: Rg 2,5 - 16 %
Colour: RAL 7016
Metal ceiling area: 1,500 m²
System: Clip-in system
Function: Acoustics, serviceability