Certified fire protection ceiling systems

Fural fire protection ceilings are available in fire resistance classes F30 and F90 according to DIN 4102-2. The different versions are covered by general building inspectorate test certificates (abp).


They can be spanned freely from wall to wall in numerous variants or used as corridor or room ceilings with compensating friezes (with and without suspension from the raw ceiling).  The good acoustic properties and the serviceability of a metal ceiling are assured at all times.

The users (installers and developers) profit from easy-to-install systems that achieve the intended protection goal quickly and reliably. New and existing buildings can therefore be put (back) into operation rapidly. The sturdy and durable design enables the user to react flexibly to changes. Factory-fitted built-in parts, such as lights, round off this system concept even further and reduce interfaces, construction time and costs.