TEMPERON - cooling and heating ceilings

Temperon is an innovative ceiling cooling and heating system. Its is based on Fural ceiling tiles and plastic registers from Aquatherm. This combination can transfer outputs comparable with those of other systems.

The prefabricated system with large tubular cross-sections requires lower inlet temperatures for the same cooling results, thus significantly reducing the risk of the temperature falling below the dew point.

System advantages


  • Low weight of the ceiling structure thanks to plastic registers (2.5 kg/m² filled)
  • Prefabricated system in which the pressing in of the heat conducting profiles is omitted
  • Diffusion-proof plastic system acc. to DIN 4726 with square cross-section
  • Low pressure losses allow large heating and cooling circuits (up to 8 m²/cooling circuit; up to 15 m²/heating circuit)
  • Low dew point temperature of the plastic register
  • The effectiveness of the system allows high temperature output buffers through temperature reduction