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Parndorf Fashion Outlet

Arch. DI Kroh & Partner Ziviltechniker GmbH, 2019

As part of the expansion and revitalization of the Parndorf Fashion Outlet, expanded metal ceilings from Fural were chosen as design elements for the ceiling design of the shopping center. The checkerboard pattern is a visual highlight and results from the alternating viewing direction of the expanded metal elements. The exciting color change is also due to the different processing of the expanded metal elements. Additional accents are created by the placement of the lights behind the expanded metal.

Project data  
Mesh: 42x13x2,9x1,5 mm
Colour: Parzifal RAL 1036
Surface metal ceiling: 311 m²

expanded metal, hang-in system

Function: design


Photo: rhtb: bau service gmbh