ParzifalĀ® - matt surface for metal ceilings

Parzifal® is a particularly matt surface coating for metal ceilings. The homogenous surface is extremely insensitive to incident grazing light. The appearance of acoustic ceilings coated with Parzifal® appears smooth and elegant. The special characteristics of Parzifal® are particularly apparent in spacious rooms and foyers, and in areas with large room-height windows.


Parzifal® is available in two variants that have a gloss level below 10 in accordance with Gardner.

The variant “matt” is available in the special colour “hellweiß” and in a wide variety of RAL colours. The smooth surface coating indicates the natural character of the base material and is particularly easy to clean.

The variant “structure” is optically impressive with a unique surface and is currently executable in the colour “weiß naturmatt”.


The appearance of the room is further enhanced by the matt coated ceiling tiles. The colour pigments of the on hydro stoving process based coating spread the incident light.

Due to this Parzifal-effect any reflection effects are sustainably counteracted. The ceiling appears evenly and homogenous. Parzifal-surfaces are ideally suited for the usage in large rooms and by floor-to-ceiling windows with side lighting.


All metal ceilings available in Parzifal convince with best fire behaviour and reach the highest class A1 – not flammable according to EN 13501-1. Therefore, they can be used in all areas of the interior construction.

The coated tiles comply also with the limit values for controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in accordance with the AgBB-assessment scheme. Furthermore, the metal tiles are free of production dust and harmful fibres.


According to legend, Parzifal is one of the most important knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. He is regarded as a hero, not only due to his unusual background but primarily because of his long and rocky search of the Holy Grail. We think, with Parzifal®, the matt surface for metal ceilings, to have found the Holy Grail.

Exquisite, refined and unique - these are the combined characteristics of the brave knight Parzifal and the matt surface of metal ceilings.

Fural Metalit Dipling sample box Parzifal surfaces