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Volksbank Ellmau

Adamer° Ramsauer/Kufstein, 2009

The Volksbank Kufstein commissioned the Tyrolean architects Adamer°Ramsauer with planning of a new, functional building for the Ellmau branch. The theme of the concept was the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain that overlooks the town; a theme which was also continued in the interior, with FURAL metal ceilings making a major contribution.

In order to meet visual, acoustic and functional requirements, long-span tiles were employed in the clip-in system. The building is air-conditioned by means of the cooling system integrated into the ceiling tiles. The branch with its prestigious design went into service in 2009.

Project data  
Perforation: Rg 2,5 - 16 %
Colour: RAL 9006
System: Clip-in system
Function: Acoustics, cooling and heating, serviceability