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Sports company in Herzogenaurach

COBE/Copenhagen, 2019

The HalfTime building is part of the campus of a sporting goods manufacturer in Herzogenaurach. Covering an area of 15,500 m², the new building offers plenty of space - both for employees and for brand ambassadors and visitors. In addition to a spacious canteen, HalfTime also houses meeting rooms, conference centers and showrooms. The twelve workshop rooms stand out in particular because they each represent a different sports venue. For example, there are options for meetings or networking events in a recreated indoor pool, locker room or soccer field. Larger events for up to 1,500 people, on the other hand, can be held in the event hall.

The corporate culture was ideally transferred to the architecture, but a connection was also created from the interior to the exterior. The impressive ceiling construction with glass elements allows a lot of daylight from above into the building. All these aspects create an optimal working environment. However, this is also positively influenced by Fural metal ceilings.

Between the long concrete struts of the ceiling are baffles that look like a long ribbon - exactly 800 pieces of baffles with a total of 1,000 linear meters were integrated. The optical ribbon effect is enhanced by the light channel between the rows of baffles. In general, the baffles are essential for the room acoustics of the building, as the rooms are designed to be very open. In addition, another Fural metal ceiling, the clip-in system, helps to create ideal acoustics in an event space modeled after a gymnasium. It is finished in RAL 7021 and thus fits ideally into the color scheme of the room. The clip-in system was also used in part in the canteen area - but here in RAL 9006 to match the design there.

Project data  
Perforation: Rd 4,0-33% | Rv 3,0-20%| Rg 0,7-4%
Colour: blank/verzinkt | RAL 7021 | Parzifal RAL 9006
System: baffle | clip-in system
Lenght baffles: 1.000 metres
Function: acoustics, design


Photos: Herbert Brunnmeier/Fural, Rasmus Hjortshøj/COAST