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Nuremberg Hospital

Schuster Pechtold Schmidt Architekten, 2013

The construction of the new east wing of Nuremberg North Hospital was planned by the Munich architects Schuster-Pechtold-Schmidt. It constitutes a usable space of approx. 9,500 m² for the entrance building to the clinical department. Together with the heritage-protected old entrance building, the new construction forms a lavish forecourt, thereby cultivating a new identity for the hospital throughout the city.

Here, particular attention was paid to the optimal safety provisions. To fulfil this aspect, more than 2,000 m² of FURAL fire protection ceilings F-30 and SWING F0 ceilings were built in.
Approx. 400 1,500 mm long FP-Secure LED lights provide sustainable lighting.


Rg 2,5-16%
RAL 9010,
Fläche Metalldecke:     
> 2,000m²
System:    SWING F0 und Fire protection F30FP-Secure

Acoustics, fire protection, serviceability,