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Hotel Atlantis Zurich

Monoplan AG, 2015

The Monoplan AG architects’ office carried out the modernisation of the famous Hotel Atlantis at the foot of Zurich’s Üetliberg under the motto “Back to the Roots – up to date”. It was built at the end of the 1960s as a new hotel with a modern building concept. In the 1970s the hotel was renowned as the “place to be” in Zurich. The architects’ goal with the rebuild was to revive the new Hotel Atlantis as a 5-star residence in the high-end sector. Importance was attached to class and not mass during the whole rebuild. The design of the new 5-star Hotel Atlantis combines a mixture of internationality and regional identity.

320 m² of FURAL EI 30 fire protection ceilings were installed in the corridors to ensure optimum safety. The swing-and-slide system employed allows easy swinging and sliding at any point of the ceiling during the operational phase. The metal ceilings with Rg 2,5 - 16 % perforations ensure outstanding acoustic comfort in the corridors.


Project data  
Perforation: Rg 2,5 - 16 %
Colour: RAL 9010
System: fire protection EI 30
Function: Acoustics, fire protection, serviceability





Photos: David Willen