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Cologne University Hospital Heart Centre

gmp Architects/Hamburg, 2007

The new Cologne Heart Centre receives its patients and visitors through a 20-metre high glazed entrance portal. Equipped with the latest medical technology, the heart centre is flooded with light and is more reminiscent of a hotel than a hospital building. Open façades, bright corridors and comfortable patients' rooms create a pleasant atmosphere.

The hallways and reception area are equipped with metal ceilings: partly with the lay-in system, partly with the convenient SWING system. That allows the in-house technicians to work quickly in the inter-ceiling space and provides a muted noise level. In many areas, the lighting has been elegantly integrated into light bands running along the walls.

Project data  
Perforation: Rv 1,6 - 20 %, plain
Colour: RAL 9003
Metal ceiling area: 5,000 m²
System: SWING F0, lay-in, clip-in
Function: Acoustics, accessibility