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Casino Campione d'Italia

Mario Botta/Lugano, 2000

The Casino Campione was founded in 1917 and is currently the largest casino in Europe. The casino is located above Lake Lugano, which separates Campione from the rest of Italy, effectively turning it into an enclave. The impressive building was designed by star architect Mario Botta. The outside is dominated by a stone façade with a golden appearance, the inside by an elegant interior.

For the ceiling, Botta dreamt up something quite exceptional. The ceiling was to reflect the gentle waves of Lake Lugano. This was achieved by means of metal ceilings with an elegant 5/33 corrugation. The clip-in tiles are also provided with Rg 2,5 - 16 % perforations to guarantee appropriate room acoustics for the ambience.

Project data  
Perforation: Rg 2,5 - 16 %, wave
Colour: RAL 9006
Metal ceiling area: 5,300 m²
System: Clip-in system
Function: Acoustics, wind-proof