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St. P├Âlten Federal School Centre

YF Architekten/Wien, 2013

St. Pölten Federal School Centre (FSC) is, with investment values of approximately €58 million, currently the largest school construction project in Austria. The two existing building complexes of HTL and HAK/HAS were connected together in their construction and now offer space for 3,000 school pupils. The entire renovation of Architekturbüro YF in Vienna was developed.
FURAL delivered more than 12,000m² of metal tiles to the FSC and thereby contributed to the optimal learning and teaching environment. Above all else the long spanclip-in tiles provide outstanding acoustics in the classrooms. Black tiles with integrated lighting serve there as sturdy design elements.
The FURAL metal ceilings with varying perforations and colours give an impressive look to the hallways and open areas. Here the lighting elements were incorporated in an offset position and with non-perforated edges.

This project represented a genuine milestone for the construction of the modern school.


Project data  
Rg 2,5-16%
RAL 9016, 9017, 7035, 7042; NCS S0575-G40Y
Metal ceiling area:     
> 12,000m²
System:    clip-in system
Function:   Acoustics, serviceability