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Giuseppe Bonta

T:  +43 (0)7612 / 74 851 - 234
F:  +43 (0)7612 / 74 851 - 11


Giuseppe Bonta

T:  +43 (0)7612 / 74 851 - 234
F:  +43 (0)7612 / 74 851 - 11


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Ceiling manual

All the information about our F0 metal ceiling systems.

PDF Download  (PDF | 23.916 kb)

Expanded Metal Ceilings

PDF Download  (PDF | 5.070 kb)

Certified Acoustics

Tested perforations for metal ceilings and acoustic walls.

PDF Download  (PDF | 19.958 kb)

Acoustic walls

All you need to know about FURAL acoustic walls - function, technology, acoustics

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Download in German  (PDF | 2.287 kb)

Reference book 2012

Our most exciting projects in one illustrated volume.

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Cumberlandstraße 62
A-4810 Gmunden

Tel. 0043 . 7612 . 74 851 - 0
Fax 0043 . 7612 . 74 851 - 11


FN235711 I | UID-NR. ATU 62763334

Strip grid system


  • Tailored to the building dimensions
  • Acceptance of dividing walls
  • Extendible to meet high longitudinal soundproofing standards


  • Tool-free removal
  • Minimum suspension heights possible


  • Tile and strip grid profile precisely coordinated
  • Uniform coating of all visible parts

Clip-in system


  • No meshing - unstressed installation
  • No differences in height
  • Precision double clip-in studs


  • Square tiles - all 4 ribs with clip-in studs
  • Clip-in rails - offcuts can be used as longitudinal connectors


  • Clip-in rail and grid rail are identical
  • Free positioning of the suspension elements on the raw ceiling
  • The clip-in rail can also be installed on an existing T-rail.

Tender specifications

Not yet implemented due to lack of clear specification.
Waiting for test access ausschreiben.de

The login area will be available here shortly


FURAL elegant structured ceilings

Perforation-free, serviceable acoustic ceiling with elegant fine plaster coating. Thanks to the extremely thin plaster coating, the acoustic values of the perforated ceiling tiles are retained. The fine structure provides the room with a distinctive design; the ceiling remains serviceable.


Lay-in system


  • Coarsely structured with tile joints
  • Fine, harmonious lines with plane and recessed inlay


  • Tool-free removal and re-installation
  • Easily carried out even by persons not trained in the system


  • of the T-rails
  • of the lay-in tiles

Hang-in system


  • Continuous hang-in edges guarantee perfect seating in the supporting structure.


  • FURAL Z-shaped profile infinitely adjustable on grid rail
  • Tool-free removal


  • The floating ceiling solution without fitting profile
  • Free choice of the wall connections

Support system


  • Quick availability
  • Optimum adaptation to building constraints


  • Mounting on existing brackets
  • Wide choice of FURAL (shadow) edge strips


  • Easily carried out, even without system know-how



  • Each tile can be swung down and slid away on rollers.
  • Large service openings are immediately created with a minimum of effort.
  • You determine location and size of the service openings!



  • The riveted tile corners guarantee an outstanding appearance, even after frequent removal and re-installation.
  • Formats/perforation/colours: free design options
  • No unsightly service hatches

Floating ceiling


  • High acoustic efficiency
  • Ideal with cooling and heating function
  • Several installation systems possible


  • Flexible in the room layout
  • Simple subsequent installation
  • Existing lighting may continue to be used
  • Can be used or retrofitted during building core activation
  • Simple subsequent air conditioning


  • Implementation in one or several pieces
  • 45° or 90° edging possible
  • Can be used as a design element

Acoustic walls


  • Ideal as a visual design element
  • Acoustically highly effective
  • Individually designable with COLORPRINT


  • Seamless transition from ceiling to wall
  • Simple standard substructure


  • Ideal for selective acoustic optimisation
  • Ideal for subsequent measures

Accessibility at every point

A major advantage of suspended ceiling tiles compared with closed ceilings lies in the flexible use during service. Each tile can be serviced individually. Quick and easy access to the inter-ceiling space is possible at any point.

For developers, this means high planning security, even when changing the use of building parts. Suitable systems are available for every application and every service frequency:

- Easy to remove and/or hang in without the use of tools


FURAL metal ceilings are characterised by their particularly hygienic surface. Thanks to the high-quality powder coating or PARZIFAL hydro-stove-enamel finish, the ceiling tiles have a clean, smooth surface. They are quick and easy to clean. For even greater safety, all components can also be finished with a special anti-bacterial powder coating.

Metal ceilings are completely free of production dust - the integrated acoustic fleece also prevents trickling through of any dirt or dust from the inter-ceiling space.

In order to meet the particularly high demands of intensive medical care facilities or laboratories, our systems can also be designed as clean room ceilings.

Light and ceilings

Ceilings and lighting systems are two components that are inseparably linked with one another. Together they yield a single unit that lends a room its unmistakable character and forms the basis for a pleasant sense of space.

Ceiling lights provide the basic lighting in a room that should be chosen to match the facilities and the type of use. They are the first source of light on entering a room and should be bright, but nevertheless inviting. Integrated into ceiling tiles, they form the ideal basis for fully functional rooms, in which people feel at ease.

Job application

Would you like to become part of our team?

Please send us your CV and references with a good photograph of yourself by post or e-mail.

FURAL Systeme in Metall GmbH
Cumberlandstrasse 62
4810 Gmunden


Cooling and heating

Metal ceilings are ideally suited for heating and cooling rooms. Temperature control is based on the radiation principle. Heat or cold radiates extremely gently through the metal ceiling into the room. Furthermore, cooling ceilings function completely free of air circulation, hence preventing dust from being swirled up and avoiding draughts.

Due to the low inlet temperature of 25-35°C, cooling ceilings are ideally suited to combination with low-temperature heat generation - this saves even more energy costs.

The suspended metal ceiling is an optimum conductive medium. The temperature is quickly transferred to the room below, while the acoustic properties of the perforated ceiling tiles are maintained. The quick and reliable serviceability of the tiles is a further major benefit that pays off both during the construction phase and during the later service phase.

Cooling and heating ceilings with copper-aluminium or plastic systems can be designed for use with long-span or square tiles and as floating ceilings.

Ball-proof ceiling

A considerable simplification in the design of ball-proof ceilings is supplied by the latest certified system versions from FURAL. The clip-in system was tested according to DIN 18023-3 and EN 13964 Annex D. The systems therefore conform to the highest Class 1A. In order to achieve this safety class, the ceiling elements must withstand 36 shots with a handball travelling at approx. 60 km/h handball, from three different angles, completely undamaged.

Ceiling tiles in the clip-in system can now be designed to be ball-proof with just four threaded supporting shackles per tile. The certified systems are ideal in sports halls, gymnastics halls and in public areas - wherever optimum room acoustics and highest levels of safety are required.



  • Tiles with factory-fitted expanded metal
  • 5 standard mesh widths – many other mesh widths on demand
  • 3 tile types
  • Coating in all RAL colours possible


  • Hang-in system (Z-shaped profile, DZ-shaped profile)
  • Lay-in system
  • Support system


  • Acoustically effective with acoustic fleece or acoustic support, on demand
  • Quick and inexpensive installation thanks to proven substructure systems

Data Privacy Policy


Obligation to provice information

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In the following, you can find more information about the data processing carried out by us:

 1. Data controller

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2. Rights of data subjects/ Right to object and revoke/ Right to lodge complaint

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PARZIFAL® - matt surface for metal ceilings

PARZIFAL® is a particularly matt surface coating for metal ceilings. The homogenous surface is extremely insensitive to incident grazing light. The appearance of acoustic ceilings coated with PARZIFAL® appears smooth and elegant. The special characteristics of PARZIFAL® are particularly apparent in spacious rooms and foyers, and in areas with large room-height windows.

Perfect room acoustics

One of the most important criteria for the quality of a room is optimum room acoustics. Only when reverberation time and speech intelligibility have been adapted to the respective requirements can a room provide a suitable working environment. Outstanding results can only be achieved with properly employed, acoustically effective components.

FURAL metal ceilings and acoustic walls are ideal for controlling the room acoustics. The perforations are tested in the reverberation chamber and the test certificates form the basis for good acoustic planning.


Licence agreement with Arch. Josef Furrer - founder of Rollfix Bedachungen Dr. Kurt Seiler, Gmunden.

Fire protection in buildings

Preventive fire protection is the generic term for all measures that prevent and/or restrict the occurrence, spreading and impact of fires in advance. Fire protection is generally practised in buildings.

Preventive fire protection is divided formally into the categories

  • Structural fire protection
  • Technological fire protection
  • Organisational fire protection

FURAL fire protection ceilings fall into the category "structural fire protection". Here, the F30/F90 metal ceilings make a major contribution to achieving protection goals and to minimising personal injury and material damage. At the same time, the systems offer maximum ease of installation and functionality during the service phase.


Our vision:   "Those seeking a metal ceiling choose FURAL and are thoroughly impressed"

Our values:  Trust+Flexibility+Quality+Partnership+Sustainability = Perfection


High-quality powder coating

The ceiling tiles and all components are finished with a high-quality powder coating in the in-house powder coating plant. This guarantees a lasting, easy-to-clean surface that ensures a perfect appearance for many years.

For particularly high hygiene requirements, all elements can also be finished with a special, anti-bacterial powder coating.

Green Building / EPD

Focus on people

Sustainable construction means considering the whole life cycle of a building. Green Building stands for the energy efficiency of a building - resource conservation is the ultimate goal. Seals of quality, such as LEED or DGNB, allow the quality of the building to be demonstrated with respect to these two criteria. FURAL is very open-minded as regards this theme for the future and offers products that provide optimum support for building certification.


Cumberlandstrasse 62
A-4810 Gmunden

Tel. 0043 . 7612 . 74 851 - 0
Fax 0043 . 7612 . 74 851 - 11 


FN235711 I | VAT No. ATU 62763334

Responsible for content:

Managing Director: Christian Demmelhuber
Marketing Director: Johannes Eder

Translation: www.word-connection.at

3D shaped metal ceilings

KX01 are shaped tiles with particularly delicate surface structures. Depending on the material selected fine reflections and mirroring can be projected into the room. The play of light and shadow effects facilitates a new, vivid ceiling and wall covering design. 
The shaped tiles are to be laid with standard subconstructions for clip-in tiled ceilings, which guarantees a swift and cost-effective assembly.

Formats:                     System:                  
625x625 mm
600x600 mm
Other formats on request     
clip in - KQK 




Green Building

Sustainable building is one of the key topics in modern construction. Topics as conservation of resources, value preservation and user comfort are increasingly becoming the focus of planning, construction and operation of buildings.

Quality labels such as LEED, DGNB or BREEAM enable to visualize the quality of a building in regard to its environmental impacts. FURAL is open-minded to this future topic and offers products that optimally support building certifications.

For a perfect certification process we provide the following documents:

LED-light series 481 HCL

LED-light 481 HCL

Stainless steel

  • mirror polished for a glossy finish
  • brushed
  • matt
  • smooth (no perforation possible)

Watch how to use the FURAL ceiling opener


FURAL surpasses a total of 1,000,000 m² of metal roofs produced.
Further company units in Caracas (Venezuela), Manila (Philippines), Ranshofen and Berndorf.

Start of production of metal ceilings.

Expanded metal design ceilings

Expanded metal is characterised by its distinctive and unique appearance. It is suitable for use as a functional ceiling with a large free cross-section for ventilation and smoke extraction functions or as an effective acoustic ceiling with outstanding sound absorption values.

Further information about our expanded metal ceiling systems can be found via the following link:

Architects and us


  • Practice: Visions and ideas become reality.
  • Design: Function and beauty complement one another.
  • Innovation: New ideas created together.
  • Benchmark: Values and standards as a minimum.
  • Specialist: The perfect solution from the expert.

Limitation of liability - Contents of this website

The contents of this website are compiled with the greatest possible care. Fural accepts no liability, however, for the correctness, completeness or currency of the contents provided. The user utilises the contents of the website at his/her own risk.

Availability of the website
Fural will make every effort to keep the service available with as little interruption as possible. Despite all this care, however, downtimes cannot be completely ruled out. Fural reserves the right to amend or terminate its offering at any time.

External links
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Fural points out explicitly that security gaps exist in data transfer processes on the Internet (e.g. communication by e-mail) and that these processes cannot be completely protected from third-party access.

Use of contact information from the imprint for commercial advertising is expressly unwelcome, unless Fural has given prior written consent or a business relationship already exists. Fural and all persons mentioned on this website herewith disagree to any commercial use or forwarding of their data.


PARZIFAL® is available in two variants that have a gloss level below 10 in accordance with Gardner.

The variant “matt” is available in the special colour “hellweiß” and in a wide variety of RAL colours. The smooth surface coating indicates the natural character of the base material and is particularly easy to clean.

The variant “structure” is optically impressive with a unique surface and is currently executable in the colour “weiß naturmatt”.

Certificate TAIM


The expanded metal tiles are supplied in three different versions.

  • Tile type A: Webs butt-welded
  • Tile type B: Webs folded
  • Tile type C: Tile made of sheet metal, expanded metal mesh inserted and fixed

The joint pattern differs depending on the tile type, with the spectrum extending from zero-gap to a joint width of 20 mm. The overall appearance of expanded metal ceilings is determined by the mesh size in combination with the joint pattern.


A special printing process and a high-quality finish allow photo-realistic images, graphics and decorations to be reproduced on the ceiling tiles.

Single images such as logos or photographs, large-surface applications in a wood or stone look and creative patterns can be created in an endless process.

In addition to the individual appearance, COLORPRINT also provides tried-and-tested functions and system solutions for ceilings and walls!


The appearance of the room is further enhanced by the matt coated ceiling tiles. The colour pigments of the on hydro stoving process based coating spread the incident light.

Due to this PARZIFAL-effect any reflection effects are sustainably counteracted. The ceiling appears evenly and homogenous. PARZIFAL-surfaces are ideally suited for the usage in large rooms and by floor-to-ceiling windows with side lighting.

Installers and us


  • Installation: Quick and simple.
  • Service: A team for all your questions.
  • Reliability: Our word is our bond.
  • Competence: Experience since 1949.
  • Success: Our customers are the best.

Colour for ceilings and walls

Our in-house powder coating plants facilitate the production of all colours in the RAL and NCS colour spectra - tailored precisely to your requirements.

The colours are available in various degrees of glossiness and with light effects such as metallic or pearl mica.

The standard degree of glossiness of the surface is approx. 20.

Printed walls


FURAL in Manila.


Expanded metal ceilings are available in several different versions. The tiles can be opened and closed without the use of tools. Expanded metal ceilings are available as a lay-in system in T24 system rails, as a support system on edge brackets and as a hang-in system with Z, DZ and H38 shaped profiles.


  • mirror polished for a glossy finish
  • matt
  • smooth (no perforation possible)


All metal ceilings available in PARZIFAL convince with best fire behaviour and reach the highest class A1 – not flammable according to EN 13501-1. Therefore, they can be used in all areas of the interior construction.

The coated tiles comply also with the limit values for controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in accordance with the AgBB-assessment scheme. Furthermore, the metal tiles are free of production dust and harmful fibres.

General contractors and us


  • Costs: Knowing the market is the key to success.
  • Deadline: We make the impossible possible.
  • Partners: The perfect ceiling is important to us.
  • System: The better solution.
  • Trust: We keep our promises.


The annual production of metal ceilings has already reached 200,000 m².

Outstanding projects in Austria and Germany, and as far afield as the Middle East are the highlights.


The expanded metal tiles are coated with matt PARZIFAL stove enamelling. This makes their appearance particularly homogeneous and elegant. Coating is possible in all RAL colours.


According to legend, PARZIFAL is one of the most important knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. He is regarded as a hero, not only due to his unusual background but primarily because of his long and rocky search of the Holy Grail. We think, with PARZFIAL®, the matt surface for metal ceilings, to have found the Holy Grail.

Exquisite, refined and unique - these are the combined characteristics of the brave knight Parzifal and the matt surface of metal ceilings.

BAU 2019, Munich

Hall A6, Stand 530

Munich Exhibition Centre

14. - 19.1.2019

FURAL at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.


FURAL has been a member of the DGNB - the German Society for Sustainable Building - since 2010.

The DGNB promotes the resource-conserving, environment-friendly and cost-effective construction and operation of buildings. This takes place with particular attention to the health and comfort of the building users and the socio-cultural requirements of the surroundings. The sustainable construction of the building is determined on the basis of measurable criteria, which are evaluated in various categories.

The criteria points for the certification in gold, silver or bronze are:

  • Ecological quality
  • Optimum technical quality
  • Economic quality
  • Process quality
  • Socio-cultural and functional quality
  • Location quality


The change from wet painting to powder coating technology is equivalent to a revolution - the current state-of-the-art at the time.

Projects such as Vienna airport and the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg are completed.

BAU 2017, Munich

Hall A6, Stand 530

Munich Exhibition Centre

16. - 21.1.2017

FURAL at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.

Developers and us


  • Satisfaction: Perfect form, colour and function.
  • Sustainability: Focus on people.
  • Workmanship: Quick, finished surface, durable.
  • Safety: Experience is the key to safety.
  • Quality: Made in Austria - the better choice.


40,000 m² metal ceilings from FURAL are installed in Rondo 1 (at that time the highest skyscraper in Poland).


Hall 8 B

Messe Düsseldorf - Hall 8 B
02. - 03.12.2015
4. Edition 10:00 - 18:00


Hall D - stand No. 81

Wiener Stadthalle - Hall D
16. - 17.09.2015
1. Edition 13:00 - 20:00

BAU 2019

BAU 2019

BAU 2015, Munich

Hall A6, Stand 530

Munich Exhibition Centre
19. - 24. 1. 2015

We as colleagues


  • Future: The company is growing healthily.
  • Career: Jobs with perspective.
  • Image: The best want to work for us.
  • Team: Success through communication.
  • Enjoyment: Appreciation of man and service.


Palazzo Lombardia - the state parliament building of Lombardy. Architects prefer FURAL (60,000 m² metal ceilings)

The continuous investment in personnel and machines is continued.

1 + 1 > 2: FURAL and DIPLING join forces!

At the beginning of 2016, we combined our strengths with German metal ceilings specialist DIPLING to work together jointly in future. Made in Germany + Made in Austria will combine the best of both traditions for a strong future together.

This merging of more than 125 years' metal ceiling experience provides you as a customer with access to more systems and surface variants from a single source. You will also benefit from the following synergies:

  • Greater service quality & customer proximity
  • Proven procedures and contact partners remain unchanged
  • Variety of surfaces
  • System diversity and even more solution finding
  • Fire-protection ceilings F30/F90 from the market leader


Skylink Vienna - 35,000 m² metal ceilings.


Stand No. 59

Fair Düsseldorf
04. - 05.12.2013
10:00 - 18:00



- Website Architect@Work Düsseldorf



- Register here


Stand No. 139

Station Berlin
23. - 24.10.2013
11:00 - 18:00



- Website Architect@Work Berlin

Hospital Build & Infrastructure Europe

Stand No. 8
Congress centre Hamburg

  - Website Hospital Build

Fair SCHULBAU Hamburg

Stand A.15

Fair SCHULBAU Hamburg
11:00 - 18:00


Get your free ticket per e-mail


Stand 20

Fair Kortrijk
25. - 26.04.2013
10:00 - 20:00


BAU 2013, Munich

Hall 4A, Stand 520

Munich Exhibition Centre
14. - 19. 1. 2013

New folder "Sound absorption test values"

Even more tested perforations and information can be found in our new 40-page "Sound absorption test values" folder.

In addition to test values for the ceiling, the folder also contains test reports on the absorption capacities of floating ceilings, cooling ceilings and acoustic walls. The subject of longitudinal soundproofing is also dealt with in detail.

New perforation - 320 straight

FURAL is expanding its palette of tested perforations. The popular Perforation 320 is now available as straight, 90° perforation. As such, 24 different perforation patterns are now available.

Technical data:

  • Alignment: 90°
  • Hole diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Free cross-section: 20%
  • Max. bandwidth: 1500mm
  • Perforation width: 1430mm
320 g

Consense 2012

Stand 2A01

Stuttgart Exhibition Centre
19. - 20. 6. 2012

FP-Secure - LED lighting

FP-Secure is the first fire protection ceiling with integrated LED lighting. Fire protection, acoustics and sustainability are perfectly combined in this solution.

This product is the result of a collaboration with Phillips during the course of the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics. The facts of the solution speak for themselves:

  • Optimum fire protection
  • 50% energy saving
  • 50% CO2 saving
  • 47% cost reduction
  • 50,000 h service life instead of only 15,000 h previously
  • Optimum lighting

SicherheitsExpo MĂĽnchen

Hall 4, Stand A 13

M,O,C, München-Freimann
4. - 5. 7. 2012

FURAL partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics

FURAL, the leading manufacturer of metal, fire protection and acoustic ceilings, is to become a partner in the Green Hospital programme at Asklepios Clinics.

The combination of FURAL fire protection ceilings and new, energy-saving LED lighting from Philips lends itself particularly to hospitals. Apart from the energy saving factor, the aspects of fire protection, hygiene and room acoustics are covered with a single system. The high-quality surface coating ensures a perfect visual appearance.

Bautec 2012

Hall 18, Stand 101
Interior outfitting platform

Berlin Exhibition Centre
21 - 25 February 2012

FURAL member of the DGNB

FURAL has been a member of the DGNB - the German Society for Sustainable Building - since 1 January 2011. Sustainable building or Green Building are issues of the future for FURAL. This is why we supply products that provide optimum support for building certification.

The focus of DGNB activities is the awarding of certificates for green buildings. Green buildings are therefore economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. They fit perfectly into their socio-cultural environment and are comfortable and healthy for their users. These factors promise a high value for investors, owners and users alike in the long term.

Feuertrutz 2012, Nuremberg

Hall10, Stand 633

Nuremberg Exhibition Centre
22 - 23 February 2012

budma Poznan (PL)

Hall 3, Stand 15

Poznan Exhibition Centre
24 - 27 January 2012

Architect@work, DĂĽsseldorf

Hall 1, Stand 77
Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre 7 - 8 December 2011